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This is a sideshow of my Lord Howe Island nature images. If you wish to look at them in the gallery format, please navigate to the Lord Howe Island 2017 Gallery. Enjoy. Denise

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What I Learned in 2015 What I learned in 2015.

I looked back over my photography of the past 12 months and this is what I learned

From Rob Smith:

When shooting, have a plan – work it -- and be ready to adapt as the situation changes

Don’t think you’re finished until you’ve checked all the details and that means all the details

Work on some old images and create something new and different

Share your work

Share your knowledge


From Des Crawley:

Less is more -- don’t clutter your web gallery with everything you’ve shot. Show a selection.

Sometimes more “white space” around an image is more elegant

Telling a story by means of an AV can be very powerful

Work on some old images and create something new and different

Share your work

Share your knowledge


From my own work I learned that:

Competition is fine and has its place but it has less and less place in my life

I am confident that I can say what I want to say through photographic images

I want/need to share my knowledge with others so they can reach their goals as I reach mine due to the generosity of others

Warm regards



Flannel2016blogFlannel2016blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Try New Things My message today is "try new things". Yes there is nothing new under the sun. So others have done something before you. Don't let that stop you from experimenting. I have presented an image here which is a mirrored image. I shot half at Cockatoo Island. I mirrored it and put the halves together. Yes others have done it.

Double Room blogDouble Room blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Don't look at my image and tell yourself you can't do this because I've already done it. I saw one of Des' mirrored images and that inspired me to try it. I didn't tell myself that I shouldn't try it because he had already done it. Take inspiration from anywhere that it presents itself.

When you try something someone else has done, try to make it your own. Do something slightly different. It is rewarding to create something new out of something old. Search through your old images and find one you can mirror and see what you get. You might surprise yourself.

Remember there are no rules. Your photography is what you make it.




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A Quote from David DuChemin I found the following quote from David DuChemin.


Make your art, and allow yourself to be inspired by theirs. Life is too short to worry about how you stack up; it is not a race. The reward is in the work itself, and the discovery in that work of the person you’re becoming.

From A Beautiful Anarchy by David DuChemin

I am focusing as much as possible on my visual expression through photography. This is what gives me pleasure and creative satisfaction. I have a new gallery called Ice Patterns. I love the patterns that are found in ice. They are created anew each night and melt soon after sunrise. They exist for a brief time and then are gone. I went out especially to find them. What does your imagination make of them?

Denise, August 2015

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The Photographic Portfolio The Photographic Portfolio

Some of my fellow camera club members have heard me, at Northern Zone Photographic Convention 2015, introduce The Portfolio as a camera club project. So what is it and why create one?

Why create one?

  • To make a statement about your photography, to show other people what your photography is about.
  • To tell a story in a group of images (6-12 images or so); tell the story of something you feel strongly about; something that moves you; something you want to communicate to others.

Why make a portfolio when you already participate in club competitions?

Often we take many images of a scene, a subject, a theme or concept but we only put one or two in a competition to show our fellow camera club members. These one or two images may not tell a complete story or express a theme or express your point of view about a concept.

Why not an AV?

Our club shows AV200s (200 seconds long) at the AGM and are another way of presenting a portfolio. But an AV is fleeting. A portfolio is there to view and appreciate as long as the viewer wants.

What are the rules?

It must be your own work. This is a chance for you to create something that is uniquely yours. The size of your images will be governed by the presentation method. My website provider has size requirements so I abide by those rules. If you are presenting prints to your viewers, then your limit will be the size you can carry!

And another thing…

Sometimes you will enter an image in a competition and the judge may not understand or appreciate it. A portfolio is your chance to expand your artistic idea or theme to fully express it.

Some examples of subject matter:

  • Travel photos of a particular location

  • Landscapes taken at the same time of day

  • Abstract images based on nature’s creations

  • Architectural or industrial images

You are only limited by your *imagination*.

If you want to see an example of a portfolio, go over to my gallery and look at Copeton Moods, Copeton Reflections, and Symmetry.

Other photographic sites to look at:

  • – White on White Portfolio, Looking Up Series

  • – Look at Rob Smith’s Themed Collections

  • – Look at Des Crawley’s galleries

How to begin

  • You need an idea. Search the internet or your own images to find the idea (concept).

  • If you are not sure where to go from there, find a mentor to help you through the process.

  • You will need to ask someone to be your mentor. Learn to ask. Many things are possible if you ask.

  • Your mentor is your guide. He/she will assist you to develop your idea, and to define the method of presentation.

Try it. Making a portfolio is very satisfying from an artistic point of view.

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Beauty in Dead Trees I have a new gallery called Symmetry. I have used images of dead trees to make symmetric arrangements that look like drawings. Symmetry 3 blogSymmetry 3 blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How did I do it? I started with the images of bare trees against sky and cloud. In photoshop, I made a duplicate layer. Then Image--> Adjustments --> Threshold. That made the image black and white with no shades of grey. Then to remove the background (the now white sky) I selected Select --> Color Range --> Highlights--> Whole Image --> OK. The white sky will be selected. Press Delete. The background is gone. Now you can copy and paste your tree skeleton onto any background or make "drawings" as I have done. Very easy technique.


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Copeton Waters State Park 2015 Mike and I had four days at Copeton Waters State Park in April. It was cool and sometimes rainy, often misty. It was great weather for photography and we enjoyed our time there very much. There are two new galleries on the site, one of a variety of subjects I shot there and one of just reflections. The reflections, for me, were part of the magic of the large body of water with dead trees in it.  You'll see what I mean when you have a look.

Misty Morning #1-blogMisty Morning #1-blogCopeton Waters State Park

For photographers, this is a great place to spend time in. There is wildlife in abundance, water scenes, and plants. It is what you make of it.



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Water in Motion It was a rainy day so Mike and I decided to experiment with water in motion. We had seen a tutorial on Youtube about this and decided to see if we could get a result. There is a fine art, it turns out, to throwing water from a wine glass into the air so that your partner can capture it  Ditto with pouring water into a tilted wine glass. We coloured the water with food colouring. It splashed everywhere. After a few hours of this, the bathroom was completely wet and tinted.


Once the results were loaded into the computer, I culled mine and then set about creating a set of 8 to display here. If you are interested in trying this, go to for a tutorial.



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How I made this composite Image When I made this image I thought it would be a good learning exercise for others who may already work with layers and would like to follow through my process.

There is a pdf available. If you would like me to send you a copy to follow along with or use as a guide, please email me.

18-Young Australian - Copy18-Young Australian - Copy

This is my final image. You ill see it in a club competition soon.

I will show you the parts that make up this image and how I manipulated them to achieve this result.

My inspiration was an image I saw on the internet of a young woman seated on the ground wrapped in an American flag with the US Constitution in the background.

I used part of a face, the Australian flag and the words of Advance Australia Fair to create my version of patriotism.


02-Original studio shot02-Original studio shot

This is my starting image. I shot Therese, my model, in my home studio.

I was looking for a serious expression for my final image so I chose this shot.

As I already had in my mind that I would use only half of Therese's face, I drew a rectangle selection over the part I would use.

I found that her face was tilted. I wanted the nose to be vertical and the line of the eye to be horizontal. I rotated it slightly, then cropped.

03-Original studio shot-rotated03-Original studio shot-rotated

04-Original studio shot-cropped04-Original studio shot-cropped

Now that I had the face straightened and cropped, I needed to make it high key. I used Silver Efex Pro.

I liked the high key result but there was a dark patch in the hair that I needed to lighten.

05-Therese silver efex pro105-Therese silver efex pro1

I made a loose feathered selection over the dark patch.

06-Therese silver efex pro206-Therese silver efex pro2

I increased the brightness on the dark patch.

07-Therese silver efex pro307-Therese silver efex pro3

More lightening was required so I used a curve adjustment.

08-Therese silver efex pro408-Therese silver efex pro4

That's the PORTRAIT ready.


I created a new document in Photoshop 700px by 936px with a white background.

I copied the words of Advance Australia Fair and pasted them into the text box. I selected the font and size. Then I copied the words and pasted them again. The page was almost filled.

09-Advance Australia Fair-layers09-Advance Australia Fair-layers

That's the TEXT ready.


I opened the Portrait and added a gradient layer as per the screen shot.

I then added a layer mask to the gradient layer.

I copied the text and pasted it onto the layer mask. I inverted the layer mask.

The result was that the Portrait showed through the text and the text part displayed the colours of the gradient.

10-Gradient layer and mask10-Gradient layer and mask

11-Therese with gradient and words11-Therese with gradient and words


The text is overlapping the eye so I painted over the eye on the layer mask.

I also felt the black background on the right was too heavy so I painted it grey.

Here is the result so far.


13-Therese-Australian grey background with text13-Therese-Australian grey background with text


The flag is the only element left to be added.

I rotated the original flag and painted blue over some of the wrinkles in the flag. I didn't have to be too neat because the flag is a background texture.

I copied the flag and pasted it as a new layer onto the composite.


The flag has been added and the blend mode is Overlay at 100% opacity.


But I'm not quite finished because the red of the Union Jack is too bright.

I added a layer mask to the flag layer and painted over the red of the Union Jack with grey to mute it.



I added a red pinline, a white border, title and signature.

This is the finished image I've uploaded to my gallery.

18-Young Australian - Copy18-Young Australian - Copy

Composite images are so much more than just images stacked together. To be successful, they require planning and willingness to persevere to achieve your goal.

I hope this blog post has been useful and informative. Comments are welcome.





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Portrait technique in Photoshop This technique produces a semi-saturated effect which can be attractive. Open your image in Photoshop.


Make two duplicate layers (Ctrl J twice). Your layers palette will look like this.

02-Make duplicate layers02-Make duplicate layers

Click on Layer 1 (the first copy layer you made).

03-Click on Layer 103-Click on Layer 1

Click on Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

Pull the Saturation slider to the left.

04-Desaturate Layer 104-Desaturate Layer 1

Click OK.

Now click on Layer 1 copy (the top layer in the Layer Palette)

05-Click on Layer 1 copy05-Click on Layer 1 copy

Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light. That's all. Your portrait will look similar to this one.

06-Therese-studio206-Therese-studio2The final image

If you still want to add something to this image, add a layer mask to the desaturated layer and paint back in the eyes or hair or a detail that you want to still have the original colour.

You can add a texture layer to further enhance this image.

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The great outdoors This morning I saw the dawn at Piper’s Lagoon. I did two long exposures and then a fog bank moved in and the colour was gone – that quickly! See the two photos below. I was hoping the heron would be there but he wasn’t. I saw him flying overhead but didn’t know where he went. Pipers Lagoon sep 28 dawn blogPipers Lagoon sep 28 dawn blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pipers Lagoon sep 28 with fog blogPipers Lagoon sep 28 with fog blog

I moved on to Neck Point – another spot to look for birds. I found my heron but he flew away when he heard my noisy footsteps on the pebble beach. While I was finding my footing, I heard a big slap on the water. I looked around and saw a seal. I shot two exposures at the wrong aperture, wrong speed, wrong ISO. I was not prepared and the seal dived and didn’t come back.

Later in the day I went for a walk in the forest. I found big cedars and Douglas fir trees. I could smell them. The forest was darker than I thought. My eyes said it was a bright day but the camera needed a higher ISO and longer exposure. I shot some moss and ferns. The only wildlife I found was a snail and a slug. hanging moss bloghanging moss blog me-and-old-stump blogme-and-old-stump blog

I stood beside this old fir stump. The sign said that before this tree was felled by loggers in the early 19th century it was over 400 years old. It still looks good. I put the camera on the gorillapod. Gee I miss my Manfrotto.

Almost home time now.

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You win some, you lose some This morning I headed for Campbell River, a 90 minute drive north of Nanaimo. It was quite foggy at times on the motorway and when I reached Campbell River the fog was still hanging around. I didn't find any exotic birds here, just cormorants, ducks and seagulls. The Brants cormorants (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) made a pleasant shape as they preened on this rock in the fog. Brants-cormorant-blogBrants-cormorant-blog  One missed opportunity happened while I was photographing reflections in the water at the marina. I had two missed opportunities at Campbell River. While I w  as photographing reflections in the water, I saw what I thought was a duck's backside in the corner of the viewfinder. I thought to myself: "That damn duck is going to make waves in the water and spoil the mirror-like surface. When I took the camera away from my face I saw that it was a seal. By the time I got the viewfinder back to my eye, it had dived. I waited 15 minutes and no seal came up so it must have come up somewhere else where I couldn't see it. Half an hour later I got out of the car without my camera (dumb!) and then walked 30 metres away (dumber!). I saw a kingfisher sitting on a piece of driftwood. I thought it would be gone by the time I got back with the camera and that turned out to be true. That was the second missed opportunity due to my own stupidity. I left disgruntled. I went on another half hour south and found a wharf where there were some brown shapes in the distance. Yes I found sea lions! Woohoo! I spent about 45 minutes photographing them and enjoying the "barking". These are California sea lions  (Zalophus californianus).  They were very laid back. There was just a little argy bargy over basking space on the pontoon. I went home happy. sea-lion-in-water-blogsea-lion-in-water-blog sea-lions1-blogsea-lions1-blog

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Goodbye to Victoria BC On the 24th I went to a lagoon on the outskirts of Victoria looking for waterfowl. I found swans, geese and seagulls. I tried to get an angle on a pair of swans that would show the heart shape that their necks can make. I didn't. One swan was grooming and put on quite a show. Mute Swan blogMute Swan blog Mute-Swan2-blogMute-Swan2-blog When I had finished at the lagoon, I visited a historic lighthouse. Fisgard Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Western Canada, having turned its light on in November 1860. Western Canada is not very old, like Australia.


Fisgard Lighthouse blogFisgard Lighthouse blog

I said goodbye to Victoria on the 25th and headed north. I stopped at my favourite place Goldstream Park. There is not enough water for the salmon to come upstream. The overview of the river shows a river that should be twice as wide, and twice as deep, so that the salmon can make their way up to the spawning grounds. There is a dam above this spot and the authorities will open it soon to increase the flow. I spent some time making long exposures of spots in the stream. Then it was back north to Nanaimo for the last time.

Goldstream-blogGoldstream-blog Goldstream2-blogGoldstream2-blog    Mute Swan blogMute Swan blog  When I had finished

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Rainy Day museum3 blogmuseum3 blog

I started my rainy day with a trip to the BC Museum. There was an exhibition of Viking artifacts and history so I spent a few hours in there, reading and looking and watching videos. It was entertaining and educational. Then I went on into the First Nations section where they have a room full of totems -- see above. In the background you can see the façade of a long house. The next image shows the scale in the next room -- I'm on the right. A German tourist who was also taking photographs did me the favour of taking this one.

museum2 blogmuseum2 blog

And below is one of the many displays of First Nations culture.

museum blogmuseum blog

By the time I had had lunch at the Museum Café and bought a few souvenirs at the Museum Shop, I was ready for something else. I walked back to Beacon Hill Park where I had parked for free, and looked at the flowers and ducks. It seems the ducks were doing synchronised swimming.

mallards synchro blogmallards synchro blog

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Up Before Dawn I didn't write anything yesterday because I had a retail therapy day. I hit the sales and to all my girlfriends: yes I'll be bringing back some great buys. I may have to "donate" some clothes that I brought with me so I can lighten the load to accommodate the new stuff. C'est la vie!

This morning I got up before dawn and went down to Piper's Lagoon to see if there was going to be a beautiful dawn and there was.

Pipers Lagoon Sept 21 #2 blogPipers Lagoon Sept 21 #2 blog

Pipers Lagoon Sept 21 #71 blogPipers Lagoon Sept 21 #71 blog

My friend heron landed in the lagoon just after sunrise. Is he following me or am I just lucky to be at his fishing spot? These Great Blue Herons are big birds, about chest high when standing tall. The other two birds are Common Mergansers (Mergus merganser americanus).

Heron Sept 21-1 blogHeron Sept 21-1 blog

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Forest and Falls Today I went back to Englishman River Falls about 45 minutes north of Nanaimo. It was a cloudy day so I thought it was a good day to photograph the falls and the forest. Although the usual winter snow dump was not as high as usual and the summer was drier than usual, there was still a lot of water cascading over the falls. I was alone in the forest with the sound of the falls. It was magic. I spent an hour and a half looking at the water and the details of every little cascade within the cascade, and the forest plants, trees and tiny mosses. Then the sun came out and people arrived, so I left.


The walk through the forest along the river.

Forest-walk-2-blogForest-walk-2-blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The moss hangs from many branches. I did some research to find out the botanical name but could not find out which one this is. I will keep looking.

One small cascade within the big Falls.

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Wildlife Abounds orca female and baby blogorca female and baby blog

Yesterday I did the whale watching tour. We went up into Herbert Inlet to find them. Here you see a mother and baby and two smaller orca. We weren't sure how many were travelling together here but in one of my shots there are 5 fins. It was very exciting to be close enough to them to hear them blow. It was a sunny but cool morning out on the water.

So today I followed that up with a bear watching tour. It was a drizzly day, typical of British Columbia. But the weather doesn't stop people from getting out. We saw black bears on two different beaches. They forage under rocks for crabs. It was amazing to watch them up close from the safety of the boat while they went about their bear business. It is the time of year when the bears are trying to put on as much weight as possible for the long winter ahead. It would take a lot of crabs to make a meal. The crabs are only small ones less than 10cm across the shell.

blackbear2 blogblackbear2 blog

And finally here is the scenery of my childhood that I miss so much when I'm at home in Australia. It is cold, damp, uninviting and inspiring to me.

tofino scenery2 blogtofino scenery2 blog

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The Wild West Coast I'm spending three days at Tofino on Vancouver Island's rugged west coast with two friends: Joy and Lynn. On arrival, we checked out the beach. Then after dark we got into the hot tub with our drinks. For you red wine drinkers, it's not wine.  The view from the hot tub is beautiful. While here I will go on another whale watching trip and possibly a bear watching trip.

Girls-in-hot-tub blogGirls-in-hot-tub blog

sunset from the cabin2 blogsunset from the cabin2 blog

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Birds of Prey I spent a week in Victoria, where I was born and raised. I looked at my old neighbourhood and school and I visited friends. Then I hit the road and headed north. On the way back to Nanaimo, I stopped at Birds of Prey. This facility rehabilitates injured birds of prey as well as housing some birds that cannot be returned to the wild. Every day they put on a flying show and the birds perform activities which they would do in the wild. The bald eagle swooped to pick up a fish from a small pond. The ferruginous hawk captured a duck (made out of fabric). The barn owl gave a demonstration of its silent flight. They were amazing to see so close up. For the photographers: the light could not have been worse. The field where they were flying was dappled with sunlight. The birds flew across my field of vision so I had no chance to catch them in flight. The handler, while holding the birds was constantly walking in and out of the shade/sunlight. The public were asked not to stand up or move while the birds were flying about. Photographically not the best -- but very impressive and I loved being there.

close up Bald Eagle blogclose up Bald Eagle blog


Barn Owl blogBarn Owl blog

The bald eagle is the most majestic bird. They are amazing to watch in flight. The baby barn owl shown here has beautifully patterned feathers.

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Whale Watching Harbour seals 2-blogHarbour seals 2-blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Today I went whale watching, although we didn't see any whales. We did see Orca, dolphins and seals as well as birds. It was a sparkling day on the water and I really enjoyed getting out there with the wildlife all around.

The harbour seals looked up as we passed by and they have such cute faces.

Here is my best shot of the magnificent Orca. I love them. I know they are called Sea Wolves and hunt in packs but they are majestic and bigger than you might think.


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City wildlife This morning I looked out of my hostess' dining room window and gazed across the little bay in the early morning light. I saw movement on a rock near the shore. It was a mother sea otter and her two pups. The little ones watched mum groom her fur and they tumbled around each other. My camera was upstairs. I didn't have time to go up and get it before they went back into the water and swam away. A little later I saw them in the kelp out in the middle of the bay. The bay is surrounded by houses and there were dogs on the beach but the otters didn't seem to care. This is their home.

I didn't capture them in pixels today but maybe I will before I leave. According to my hostess, there are several families of them living nearby and they sometimes come together in a big group. I hope that happens while I am here.

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Nanaimo to Victoria Duncan totem 250Duncan totem 250 This morning I left Nanaimo for a few days in Victoria. My first stop was Chemainus, a town of murals which tells the pioneering story. I then stopped at Duncan. This town has a totem pole trail through town which you can follow. Each totem has a sign which explains the carvings and their meanings. I spent about an hour walking around the town.


Then I saw a sign on a shop window which was unique.

Sign in shop window-250Sign in shop window-250Tired of the usual snags? Try these flavours.


I drove on to Victoria and visited my old neighbourhood. The house I grew up in has gone but there were other landmarks from my childhood that I saw and remembered. I am staying with a friend here in Victoria and catching up with friends I haven't seen for years. I will do some architectural photography here as well as some seascapes and nature. The weather has been warm and sunny - ISO 400 F8 @ 125th. Not as bright and glary as Australia!

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Herons and herons and herons It seems that there are a lot of herons around but not many other birds. I went back to Piper's Lagoon just after dawn and found a heron. I took some shots of him but the only thing he caught was something string-like. It could have been a worm of a piece of seaweed. Then I went up to Parksville Beach to the north of Nanaimo and found another one. This time I was patient and stood still with my 75-300 pointed at him. I was rewarded with a shot of him grabbing a fish. Finally.


I pushed on further north to the town of Qualicum. I went to the fish hatchery. But after a 20 minute walk, I met another walker who said there were no fish. The hatchery was closed for maintenance.  So after my useless walk through the woods, I drove up to Little Qualicum Falls. I hiked down to the platform and found that the only position for my camera was on the platform and there were a lot of tourists around creating vibrations on the platform. I set up my long exposure and waited until I was alone on the platform. I got my shots but there was a lot of waiting. This one was 8 sec @ F 22 ISO 400.


(Images by Denise) Tue, 09 Sep 2014 05:58:46 GMT
Today was a family day

This morning I drove north from Nanaimo to Nanoose Bay where the birdwatchers go. I found two herons. I spent some time with this one. However, I missed the moment when he scored a fish and ate it. The other one flew off when I approached.


The photo of the bay with the yellow trees is Nanoose Bay. The leaves are turning but there has been no frost yet.

Looking across the inside passage from Nanaimo to the mainland of BC. The mountains are more clearly defined later in the day.


We had a big family lunch today - five adults and four teenage boys. There was a massive amount of food but not much left! My step great grandchildren (Jim's great grands) are now teenagers and really lovely people. I knew their mothers when they were little and I've known their grandmother since before I went to Australia to live. It was good to catch up.


Every day I am adding images to the Canadian Trip Gallery. Have a look for the extras.


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Super, Natural British Columbia

This morning I went to Piper's Lagoon to see if there were any waterfowl. The only birds around were this heron and three Canadian geese. Not a very exciting line up but I watched the heron for some time. I sat on a log and enjoyed the view and the heron. He must not have been hungry because he didn't fish while I was there.  I moved on to a swamp but there were no birds there either.

After lunch I visited Englishman River Falls which is made up of several cascades. I got out my ND filters because the falls were in bright sun. I spent about an hour and a half there and enjoyed the dark cool forest surrounding the falls and river. The big old trees are mostly Douglas Fir and I love them.


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Wildlife but not out in the wild

Today I went to a Butterfly Farm. It was much like the one in Coffs Harbour. There was lots of tropical greenery. There was an interesting display of chrysalises. A couple had opened and the butterflies were drying their wings.

Also went to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Refuge. Some birds like this bald eagle were being rehabilitated to return to the wild. The two bald eagles and two golden eagles are kept in a large barn where they can fly while recovering from injuries. There was another large section of enclosures that house birds that cannot be returned to the wild, either because their injuries prevent them from surviving in the wild or because they have imprinted on humans. Once a year, visitors can watch and participate in the releases of the birds to the wild. But it was not today.

The only mammal resident is a big black bear called Canute who cannot be returned to the wild. He was snoozing when I visited but even lying down he was a very big bear. I expected something different but was really happy with the visit.

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Arrived in Canada Back in Canada after 8 years. Most things look the same. It was drizzling when I arrived in Vancouver. I took a bus to the ferry terminal and boarded a ferry for Nanaimo. My step-daughter Joy picked me up and I've spent the past day and a half with her and her husband talking about family and trying to recover from my jet lag.

The first 10 hours of flying wasn't too bad but the last 5 were awful. I couldn't get comfortable and walking and stretching didn't even make me feel any better. I didn't sleep but I managed to watch 5 movies and a documentary so at least my brain was entertained.

Everything here is written in both official languages. Yes, even my diet coke can. Tomorrow I will get out and explore now that the jet lag is subsiding. The weather has cleared up and is now sunny and pleasant.

Bilingual Coke CanEven this diet coke can is written in two languages -- yes everything on the can.

British Columbia FerryThese vessels travel between the mainland of BC and Vancouver Island and the other small islands in between. They carry over 300 cars and many foot passengers. There is a shop, a café and a restaurant on board. On a good day, it is great to stay out on deck and watch the scenery pass by. Yesterday when I travelled by ferry, it was raining and visibility was minimal.

(Images by Denise) Thu, 04 Sep 2014 02:31:43 GMT

Welcome to my blog. There isn't going to be a regular post here. I'll post when my travels permit. On September 2 I'm off to Canada for a month. I'll be staying on Vancouver Island, visiting friends and family. I hope to get out by myself a lot and take photographs of the places I love and places I haven't seen since my childhood. I hope you enjoy my gallery. Photo credit: Mike Kane,

(Images by Denise) Sun, 24 Aug 2014 22:19:52 GMT