I am a photographic artist. I take photographs of many different types. I am equally at home in the studio and underwater, in an old building, in the bush, during the day and at night. If I don’t touch my camera for more than I few days, I am not happy. This is my passion in life.

I like to try new subjects and new ways of presenting old subjects. I have contact with some photographers who inspire me with their ideas and with whom I can trade ideas. I really like viewing my work as prints to see and enjoy the details in the image, something that doesn’t come through as well with digital presentation.

I am continuing my photographic education so that I will get better at what I do. My goal in the short term is to learn more skills and pass them on to others in an informal setting. I find it rewarding when someone teaches me something and I use it with success. By the same token, I am thrilled when I teach someone something that allows them to enhance their work.

Life is full of hard work and rewarding moments.

Photo credit: Mike Kane